Dependent's pension

A marriage lasts unto death us do part, and for a surviving spouse/ partner it is reassuring to know that a dependent's pension from the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund lasts for life. A dependent's pension gives your surviving relatives an extra income to support their lives. Membership of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund is therefore a benefit for your dependents too.

When should you consider a dependent's pension?

When you start a new job
When you marry or enter into a domestic partnership
When you get divorced
When you have children
When you are inflicted by serious illness
When you consider the future consequences of your death for your family
When you decide to buy insurance or take out a loan

What is a dependent's pension?

Should you die, your surviving spouse/ registered partner and any divorced spouses/ partners, will receive a dependent's pension. The pension aims to contribute to a secure and predictable financial situation for your dependents.

Who gets a dependent's pension?

  • Your spouse/ registered partner or divorced spouse/ partner may have the right to a dependent's pension. If you have been married several times, your pension will be divided between former spouses/ partners based on how long you were married in each case.
  • A cohabitant is not entitled to a dependent´s pension.
  • Your spouse/ partner, and former spouses/ partners do not need to be members of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund to get a dependent's pension.
  • A dependent's pension is paid for life, provided that the dependent(s) does/do not get remarried.

How to apply for a dependent's pension

  • Your spouse/ partner, and divorced spouses/ partners need not apply for a dependent's pension. The exception is if you die before you become a pensioner, and if you work in a position without membership of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.
  • The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund will be notified about the death by NOF and will contact your surviving relatives.

Calculation and amount

  • Dependent's pension is calculated in relation to your pension-qualifying period. The pension-qualifying period also includes the years you could have worked up until the age limit. A full pension-qualifying service is 30 years in a full-time position.
  • Dependent's pension is either calculated net or brutto. Which variant is used depends, among other things, on when you first became a member, when you married/ entered into partnership and when your dependents were born.
  • If a dependent's pension is calculated net, your spouse or partner receives nine percent of your contribution to the pension fund. This means that a contribution to the pension fund of NOK 400,000, will give a surviving dependent an annual pension of NOK 36,000 krone. This pension does not affect surviving relatives own earned income, pensions or social benefits from the National Insurance Scheme.
  • If a dependent's pension is brutto calculated, your spouse/ partner receives 60 percent of what you would have received in retirement pension. This means that surviving relatives receive 144,000 krone in pension if your retirement pension is 240,000 krone. Pension can be reduced due to coordination with surviving relatives' earned income, own pensions or social benefits from the National Insurance Scheme.
  • Your surviving relatives are guaranteed a regulation of the pension that is equivalent to the average wage growth up until they reach the age of 67. From the age of 67 the regulation is downwardly adjusted by 0.75 percent. The survivor(s) must pay income tax on the dependent's pension.

Find out more about dependent's pensions

The regulations for dependent's pensions are complicated, and we recommend that you take a careful look at what may affect the pension your spouse/ partner may be entitled to. Contact your immediate superior or the pensions officer at your place of employment. They can advise you in relation to the conditions, calculation and effects of dependent's pension.