Children's pension

Membership of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund is a safety net for your dependents too. The financial security of your children is also ensured through your membership.

When should you consider a children's pension?

  • When you start a new job
  • When you have children
  • When you are inflicted by serious illness
  • When you are planning your children's future
  • When you are to buy insurance or take out a loan

What is a children's pension?

Should you die before your children reach the age of 20, they will get a children´s pension. The pension aims to contribute to a secure and predictable financial situation for the children as they grow up.

Who get's a children's pension?

Your children have the right to a children´s pension until they reach the age of 20.

How to apply for a children's pension

Your children must not apply for a children´s pension, unless you live abroad at the time of your death.

Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund will be notified about the death by NOF and will contact the next of kin.

Calculation and amount

Your children get a children´s pension that depends on your pension-qualifying period. The pension-qualifying period also includes the years you could have worked up until the age limit. This means that most children of deceased members of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund get maximum pensionable income.

Your children get 15 percent of your contribution to the pension fund as pension. If you have a full pension-qualifying period, and it also includes the years up until the age limit, an example payment would be a yearly pension of NOK 60,000 for a contribution to the pension fund of NOK 400,000.

Your children are guaranteed a regulation of the pension that is equivalent to the average wage growth.

Your children will not get a reduction of pension from the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund even if they get children´s pension from the National Insurance Scheme.