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Disability pension

If you become unfit for work, a disability pension from the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund ensures financial stability for both you and your dependents.

When should you consider a disability pension?

  • When you start a new job
  • When you have children
  • When you change pension schemes
  • When you decide to buy insurance or take out a loan
  • When you are on long term sick leave

What is a disability pension?

You are eligible for a disability pension if you become unfit for work because of illness or injury. The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund’s disability pension is granted regardless of the reason you are unfit for work or whether the condition is permanent or temporary. Illness and occupational injury and wear and tear are common reasons for becoming unfit for work. The disability pension is coordinated with social benefits from the National Insurance Scheme, and the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund guarantees you a 66 percent disability pension if you have full pension-qualifying service.     


Who gets a disability pension

  • You normally get disability pension after you have been on sick leave for a year.
  • You can get disability pension as compensation for a reduction in salary if the reduction is due to illness or injury.

How to apply for disability pension

  • The application form must be filled in and sent, along with a medical certificate, to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund at latest three months before sickness benefit ceases.
  • You must also apply for disability pension (arbeidsavklaringspenger) from the National Insurance Scheme if you apply for a disability pension of 50 percent or more from The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

Calculation and amount

  • You may be granted full or partial disability pension, and the pension can be permanent or temporary.
  • You get a disability pension that is equivalent to 66 percent of the contribution you have to the pension fund when you become unfit for work, if you have 30 years of pension-qualifying service. If your pension-qualifying period is less, you get a reduced payment.
  • The pension-qualifying period is the time you have been a member, plus the years you could have worked up until the age limit.
  • You get pension-qualifying service transferred from the other state occupational pension schemes you have been a member of.
  • You get a child supplement of 10 percent of your disability pension for each child that you support under 18 years of age.
  • The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund has no lower limit for the percentage you can be unfit for work.  The National Insurance Scheme has a lower limit of 50 percent.
  • You are guaranteed an annual pension regulation that is equivalent to the average wage growth.
  • You earn the right to retirement pension even if you are completely or partially unfit for work.
  • You get a payment exemption from pension contributions. This means that you retain the right to retirement pension, but neither you nor your employer must pay for it.

Find out more about disability pension

Even though nobody wants to imagine being unfit for work, it is still advisable to get acquainted with the various regulations for disability pension. Contact your immediate superior or the pensions officer at your place of employment. They know the details of your pension scheme.